Paintings and Portraits by Kerry Regan

My earliest memory of enjoying painting was probably aged about 5, telling my relatives I was going to be an artist when I grew up, it was always something I believed to be true and I am very lucky to have realised my dream.  Both my parents are painters, so art and hands-on creativity is something I have always been surrounded by in one form or another.

Whilst I did study art at school and college, I am mostly self taught and have developed my style over the last 18 years or so since achieving my first big commission in 2003.  At this point I decided to set up KZ ART with the aim of creating beautiful, personalised bespoke artwork at affordable prices. I painted my first ‘proper’ portrait in 2005 which led to commission after commission.  With time this has become something I am proud to specialise in.  Mostly I paint children,  I aspire to capture a soft, pensive smile, where the child looks content and happy.  Painting something which is so treasured and gives so much joy to the viewers- parents (or grandparents) is a real honour.

I have taken part in both Sky Arts Landscape and Portrait Artist of the year competitions as a Wildcard participant.  Both incredibly exciting, nerve wracking and time pressured experiences.  I really learnt an incredible amount about my painting processes and how to adapt to different situations. The highlight was without a doubt spending a day painting inside the beautiful National Portrait Gallery in London- one of my favourite galleries!

I painted a new collection of work for my 2018 solo exhibition at the Lightbox Gallery in Woking titled Reflections and Shadows, I was inspired to paint dramatic seascapes and landscapes, slightly abstracted by using a palette of purple, pink, black, teal and pale green. Occasionally incorporating gold leaf or carbon black glitter.  I have always loved the effect of striking silhouettes against a painterly backdrop, my personal favourites are the ‘Under the Pier’ series, where sturdy black beams emerge from the sand, bold against the sea and sky.

I am excited to build on this body of work and develop my portrait portfolio further, all will be shared on my social media and on the galleries here.

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