Abstract Art for Your Home

A Unique Abstract Painting for Your Home or Office

Are you looking to have a bespoke piece of artwork commissioned for your home or office. I can work from a photo or just a concept and create something unique for you.  Ideally I work from one main photo for the pose with other supporting photographs for reference of colouring and textures etc. 

Abstract Paintings on Canvas

My friendly yet professional approach makes the process of commissioning a painting hassle free and enjoyable, whether you are looking for a gift or totally unique artwork for your own home.  Please get in touch for further information.

Pricing and lead time….

I always quote for each commission individually as there are many variables to consider ie: size, level of detail, support and media (canvas/paper, paint/pen and ink) Prices start at just £150 for black and white, and typically a 30 cm x 30cm single portrait canvas is from £400.  Portraits require many, many hours of intense work and are normally delivered 4-6 weeks after ordering. However, if you have a shorter time frame I will do my best!

As you can see I usually keep the background simple, clean and in a colour that complements the subject so that there is little to distract from the portrait.  Reference photographs taken in warm toned natural light are preferable to harsh camera flash or indoor lighting .  Where possible, I am happy to take photographs which will translate into a beautiful painting, ask for more information.

If you would like to find out more, please contact me to book a portrait consultation to discuss possible styles, sizes, colours etc.

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